Decorative Finishes

Decorative Painting offers advantages over straight painting by creating a unique look that will give depth to walls and create interest to a room. The build up of color and texture creates a richness that adds personality to any room.

Faux finishes can be applied to walls, ceiling, furniture, mirrors, screens, mantels, trims, and many more, enriching the ambiance of your home by rendering surfaces more precious and warm. A decorative paint finish can give an illusion to a room, making it appear larger, higher, lighter and camouflage design flaws and damaged walls.

A wall treatment can style classic as well as modern interiors. The most adored finishes are the ones that are exact replica’s of the imitated material, yet is not necessarily the goal; a fantasy faux can be just as pleasant, adding originality and uniqueness is always the desire of a client looking for something different.

A powder room is the ultimate place to add interest in your home. We know that kitchens and bathrooms sell a home, but these are also the two most important rooms that guests visit, and I always recommend special attention.

A decorative finish is the best tool to transform kitchen cabinets and give a drastically different look to your kitchen; it spares you the enormous expense of replacing your cabinetry that may still be functional and in very good shape.

Similarly, the right faux finish effect will rejuvenate your old bathroom cabinets, promoting them to a more precious furniture piece. Additionally, a finish can match the walls of any given room to the palette of its furnishings, and vice and versa.

A Decorative finish requires the skillful method of mixing a glazing medium to create finishes that are ragged, rolled, brushed, combed "strie", dragged, stippled, applied with a spatula, a cheesecloth, a crumbled plastic or paper, steel wool or other instruments — our imagination is the limit. Glazing medium, or liquid, is applied through one or multiple colored layers of tinted translucent glazes, which can be blended, faded away, shaded or graded. Using glazes, we can imitate almost any natural material, or even invent new ones! Common glazes include wood graining, stone, marble, malachite, bronze, steel, rust, verdigris, tortoise shell, silk, brocade, leather, parchment, and many more. We also specialize in various trowelled plaster finishes working with materials like Shimmerstone and Venetian plaster as well as Stone effects.

Depending on the simulation you are seeking, satisfactory patinas can be obtained either through excellent craftsmanship, or simply an exercised eye, coupled to a sense of harmony and observation. Balance and visual serendipity are the desired goals when integrating a decorative painting effect into your space. For a trendier look, you may want to accentuate or magnify the particular aspect of a material.

The monetary gain is undeniable, considering decorative finishes can completely reface cabinets and furniture. We sample each finish on a board, which, brought to the premises, gives a concrete idea of the faux effect result in-situ.


Murals, or Trompe L’oeil(trick the eye), are large-scale paintings, depicting a variety of subjects including landscapes, objects, animals, or persons. The illusory nature of the representation serves diverse purposes and can achieve various effects: prestige, grandeur, surprise, illusion, or fantasy.

Murals bring solutions to countless architectural flaws; they can bring light to a dark corner, turning it into a cheerful or attractive spot. They expand walls, promote floors to precious materials or whimsical surfaces, and transform ceilings into azure skies that give an airy feel to a room. Outdoor murals are also a welcoming solution for hiding dreary fences or creating a vista on unsightly walls or buildings. Walls, screens, mantels, doors, shades, inset panels, or even electric boxes can offer the appropriate support for hosting mural paintings.

Murals can bring colors to a room with their polychrome decors, or they can quiet down interiors with grisailles. Grisailles are monochromatic decors executed only with black, white and a third color. Traditionally, these were executed with black and white, and the dominant tone was grey, or in French gris, hence their name.

Childrens rooms are a fun space to exercise some fantasy and exuberance; your child will love his/her quarters with a mural that speaks to his/her sensibility or moods, and it will stay with him/her as a calming memory for many years. Cellars, exercise rooms, or basements can be turned into Tuscan wineries or tropical islands. More modest in ambition, friezes or stencils bring originality and cachet to a room.

Murals are neither the appendage of grand rooms, nor the costliest effect to achieve. Before embarking on any project, we explore the different possible subjects for a mural and its purpose, and we produce a design to scale.

Canvas Paintings

Canvasses can also be commissioned to match a color scheme in your home, or to provide the completing element in a room. For whichever purpose a painting may be commissioned, the final artwork will remain a beautiful element of décor, a keepsake, and a wonderful memory.


Shannon was a referral from a friend. After looking through her portfolio we decided that we would take a chance on her. Her workmanship is second to none. We had her paint our bedrooms, bathrooms and most of our main floor. We also had water damage to our overhead bulk heads in our kitchen that had a faux finish. She was able to duplicate the finish perfectly. I would definitely recommend Shannon. Not only did I get a great painter I gained a good friend. Jan Hawkins


"Shannon did an amazing job!

The mirror looks amazing!!!! My client loves it too. I think it looks better now (richer color and texture) than before.

Thanks again for an outstanding job.

— Pam Walton~Decorator, Hamilton


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