Interior Design

Shannon Karges Designs has been in business for 15 years and continues to offer clients an array of options to help create a warm and cozy interior that reflects creativity and uniqueness. We work in both residential and commercial spaces, helping clients choose colors, materials and accessories to enhance their interior space and tie into their own personal taste and needs. Shannon works closely with each client to develop ideas on how to accentuate the space and make living more organized, functional and comfortable.

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Decorative Painting

If you are looking to add interest to a special room or wall in your home, you are a great candidate for a decorative paint finish. Shannon has been decorative painting for 15 years, and is a teacher of the "Creative Paint Techniques Course" for the design program at Mohawk College.

Shannon offers private decorative painting classes for those who are interested in learning various techniques and would like to experiment in their own homes or on canvas. These finishes offer advantages over straight paint by creating a unique look that can be rustic or luxurious, giving depth to walls and adding a soft glow. Faux finishes can be applied to walls, ceilings, doors, floors, furniture, mirrors, screens, mantels, trims, and many more, enriching the ambiance of your home by rendering surfaces more precious and warm.

Over the years, Shannon has worked for insurance companies, like Service Master, Al-care and Winmar to repair decorative finishes that have been damaged by fire, smoke or water. These restoration projects involve the mastery of colour and technique.

Why choose a decorative finish? A decorative finish provides a room with surface character by offering texture. Whether it is stone or woven, shiny or matt, all impact a room by affecting the perception of color and creating visual interest. The beauty of paint, glaze or plaster, is that it can be applied in any pattern, striped, or blocked. The possibilities are endless. If you are interested in a glazed surface, painted geometric or plaster finish, all offer unique elements to a any room. Allow us to help you choose the most suitable finish for your home. We sample each finish, which brought to the premises giving you a concrete idea of the faux effect result in-situ.

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Shannon has been accredited as a staging professional with Barb Schwarz, the creator of Home Staging. This knowledge of recreating spaces helps clients who are moving to maximize their return when selling their home, as well, helps clients who are looking to change their interior on a budget. These techniques can be as simple as re-arranging furniture and accessories, to create a cozy home that looks updated and refreshed, without blowing the budget!

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Canvas Painting

If you have a photo, print or design that you favor and would love to see it on canvas or wall, allow us to reproduce to the size you want and re-created it in many ways. She works with you to create custom art, working with the elements of your home to complement the ambiance of your interior or exterior space. “Custom” Canvas painting is designed to complement any color scheme in your home, or become the completing element in your favored room. Either way, Canvas Painting is a customized piece of art that offers a unique touch to any room in your home.

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Mural Painting

Shannon completed her Mural training in Spain and has continued to use her skills reproducing images for designers, contractors, schools, and yoga studios.

Murals, are large-scale paintings, depicting a variety of subjects including landscapes, objects, animals, or persons. The illusory nature of the representation serves diverse purposes and can achieve various effects: prestige, grandeur, surprise, illusion, or fantasy.

Murals bring solutions to countless architectural flaws; they can bring light to a dark corner, turning it into a cheerful or attractive spot. They expand walls, promote floors to precious materials or whimsical surfaces, and transform ceilings into azure skies that give an airy feel to a room. Walls, screens, mantels, doors, shades, inset panels, or even electric boxes can offer the appropriate support for hosting mural paintings.

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Decorative painting services extend beyond walls to furniture and antiques, offering a second life to any valued possession. We enjoy styling existing or custom-made pieces with various media, the most common being paint and glazing liquid. Our services are supported by a practical and extensive knowledge of various products available to enhance the characteristics and makings of each style.

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"Just wanted to say a big thank for your amazing contribution it the transformation of our cottage into Santa's Cabin. What a success this has been and what a great event we had - our attendance nearly doubled this year!

Thanks again Shannon, to you and your students. ."

— Sylvia Hentz ~ Special Events Programmer, Museums of Burlington


"I have worked with Shannon Karges on several project and she always exceeds my expectations, which are quite high in the business of home renovations. She is very keen to please her clients and is a pleasure to work with, I would definitely recommend her for color consulting, painting and wallpapering.."

— Scott A Shedden~Renovator/Designer, The ScottGroup, Burlington


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